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JAL Technical Center 2, 3-6-8 Haneda Airport Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041 Japan
TEL: +81-3-6631-0671
FAX: +81-3-5756-3907

There is no reception at JAL Technical Center 2.
At reception of JAL Technical center 1, please tell staff you are visiting JCFT.

On foot

It will take 10 minutes from Tokyo Monorail Shin-Seibijo Station.

< Route >

  1. Get off Tokyo Monorail Shin-Seibijo Station, and go out the exit.
  2. Follow the road (On the way, overpass the expressway).
  3. Cross at the crosswalk.
  4. You will find the entrance (porch) at Technical Center 1.

By car

It will take 5 minutes from Haneda Airport Terminal 2 1F (Arrival floor).

< Route >

  1. Follow the sign says "Yokohama, TOKYO WAN AQUA-LINE" and take the far right end lane.
  2. Turn right.
  3. Right after that, follow the sign says "Yokohama, Maintenance Area" and turn left.
  4. Take the left lane, and go under the tunnel.
  5. As you come out the tunnel, turn left at T-junction.
  6. Turn right at T-junction.
  7. You will find the entrance (porch) at Technical Center 1 on your right.